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How You Can Help Fix Affordable Housing in America

Let’s fix affordable housing in America together. Every day across country, individuals and families are looking for clean, safe houses and apartments that are affordable, a term the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development defines as “housing for which the occupant(s) is/are paying no more than 30 percent of his or her income for gross housing costs, including utilities.”

Homes that are affordable are a necessary and tangible asset for any adult or family to survive and thrive, but there simply aren’t enough of them to go around. So what can we do to help fix affordable housing in America?

Our Founder, Eddie Lorin, affordable housing preservationist, impact investor, and an Official Member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, explains to Forbes readers some ways we can help, and potentially earn financial returns along the way.

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Old Dawg’s REI Network Podcast: Investing in Affordable Housing with Eddie Lorin

Eddie Lorin joins Bill Manassero to talk investing in Affordable Housing with the Old Dawg’s REI Network Podcast on Episode 203. Listen to learn about Impact Investing (see blog post: What is Impact Investing?), what’s in it for investors who opt to do Impact Investing, how to invest in doing well by doing good without sacrificing sufficient financial returns, what are practical things real estate investors can do to help solve the housing crisis in this US, what is Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH), how to cost-effectively transform neglected properties into safe, attractive, affordable places for low- and middle-income Americans to live, tips for inexpensively adding value to distressed property for maximum profit and understanding what the “Art of Real Estate Investing” is and more.

The Old Dawg’s REI Network was founded by Bill Manassero — a real estate investor who is using his business to create ample cash flow for his retirement, help support his nonprofit mission in Haiti and to create a legacy for his children.

The purpose of the Old Dawg’s web site, blog, newsletter and podcast is to provide valuable information and resources for others who seek real estate investing as their means to fund their retirement years.

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Impact at USC’s Price School of Social Innovation Annual Summit

USC’s Price School of Social Innovation’s Annual Summit Sponsored by Eddie and Jane Lorin https://www.uscsocialinnovationsummit.com

Eddie and Jane Lorin sponsored USC’s Price School of Social Innovation’s Annual Summit held Friday, April 27, 2018. Over 150 people in attendance included city agencies and key stakeholders in Los Angeles  covering non-profits providing services, Foundations, Donors, Developers and Educators. The agenda included panels titled “Housing the Workforce,” “Innovations to Increase the Affordable Housing Stock” and “Innovations to House the Homeless.”

The attendees broke into 15 groups in a workshop format to brainstorm solutions given 3 case studies. The format of the summit promoted great collaboration and a positive experience was enjoyed by all.

At the all day event, Lorin announced the first “NOAH” project (Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing) in conjunction with the City of Los Angeles which will take an existing 1920s apartment building in the East Hollywood district of Los Angeles and deem 50% of the property affordable in exchange for a property tax abatement.

These affordable units are anticipated to be reserved for supportive housing for the homeless with services and social work provided by the 20 year old non profit People Concern http://www.thepeopleconcern.org,  Health and Wellness programming on site at the property will be provided by the non-profit HAPI (Healthy Apartment Property Initiative founded in 2013 by the Lorins) which focuses on food insecurity and education https://www.hapiapts.org.

NOAH is an innovative concept Lorin proposed to the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department (HCIDLA) in 2016 in order to pilot a Public/Private Impact Investment to provide another unique solution to the housing crisis.

By purchasing existing assets and deeming them affordable, the NIMBY (not in my backyard) deterrent to new development is eliminated along with the purchase of existing older properties costs as low as 40% of the replacement cost to build new. Lorin says he is pleased to be the first to launch this concept because “it just makes common sense.” Housing can be relatively immediate versus the 3 years it takes to build new.


Jane and Eddie Lorin are relentless in their pursuit to create new innovations to solve the housing crisis like NOAH. They have also sponsored the “Jane and Eddie Lorin Fellowship for innovative low income housing solutions” at USC’s Price School. The Fellowship will promote a competition for the most creative and inventive ideas for affordable housing.

Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp: Building a Highly Successful Value-Add Syndication Business with a Socially Conscious Focus

Eddie Lorin sits down with real estate expert and serial entrepreneur, Kevin Bupp on his podcast Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Episode #180 Highly Successful Value-Add Syndication Business with a Socially Conscious Focus.

Listen to learn about how Eddie is doing things differently with Impact Housing REIT, how value-add upgrades and free onsite social and wellness programming keeps residents happy and healthy (See Our Impact), how he’s preparing for the next generation and his plans for the $2 million renovation and management of the REIT’s first multifamily asset, a 143 unit “Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing” highrise in Silver Spring, Maryland (see Portfolio).

Eddie’s last golden nugget of advice: Never give up.


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Impact Insider: Meet Eddie Lorin, Impact Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

Last week we detailed the impressive track record of our Sponsor, Strategic Realty Holdings (SRH). This week we’re here to unveil the visionary and leader behind all that success – Eddie Lorin, its Founder.

Eddie is a 30-year real estate veteran, an expert in value-add multifamily, a proven social impact real estate investor and a champion of safe, affordable housing for all Americans. Since 2001, his team has successfully purchased and transformed more than $3 Billion worth of multifamily real estate (acting as either Principal or Advisor) amounting to more than 180 communities with approximately 40,000 apartment units nationwide.

Eddie, since a young age, has been a dreamer, a doer and a proponent of the underdog. As one of four boys raised by a single mother in Southern California, Eddie grew up with modest means in an apartment community not dissimilar from the neglected communities he now purchases and revitalizes. Eddie believes that affordable housing should not be a privilege for the wealthy, but rather a right for everyone. He made it his life mission to make safe, quality housing affordable and accessible to all Americans.

Longtime impact investors and philanthropists, Eddie and his lovely wife Jane founded Healthy Apartment Property Initiative (HAPI), a 501C3 non-profit in 2013 that “builds community through health” by bringing health-related education, fitness, gardening, and nutrition programs directly to the doorsteps of residents living in lower income apartment communities. Hapi offers efficient, low-cost, high-reward customized programming to cater to each specific community’s needs, whether it is a senior, toddler, or school age population. Hapi programming is a key ingredient in the performance of SRH and Impact Housing REIT’s properties and delivery of ‘triple bottom line’ returns to investors.

As an impact real estate expert, Eddie has featured on and interviewed by leading industry experts and media including Cashflow Ninja w/ M.C. Laubscher, Wealth Formula w/ Buck Joffrey, The Sure Investing Podcast, Michael Blank’s Apartment Building Investing Podcast, Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice w/ Joe Fairless, Wheelbarrow Profits w/ Jake & Gino, Take a Knee w/ Adam Carolla, Flipping America, American Dream TV and more.

Eddie is a member of the Mission Investors Exchange, SOCAP, National Multifamily Housing Council, National Apartment Association, and Jewish Funders Network. Most recently, he became an Official Member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and will soon be a Contributor to Forbes.

Want to hear more from Eddie? Say hello anytime on LinkedIn or via email at elorin@strategicrh.com. He would love to hear from you.

Impact Insider: Track Record Matters, See How SRH Performed

In the world of investing, managing investor capital is a BIG deal. Whether you’re deploying dollars across several investments, asset classes or just one, it’s important to know who you’re investing with and what they’ve done in the past. The team behind Impact Housing REIT is our Sponsor, SRH or Strategic Realty Holdings.

Here at SRH, we talk a lot about ‘transforming’ communities. Over the past decade, our team has acquired and transformed 72 communities across the country.

So what does that mean, exactly?

To our residents, it means fresh paint, new signage, new fitness equipment, upgraded interiors and exteriors, and so much more.

Transforming communities in this way has helped us achieve positive results for investors. Of those 72 properties, 40 have completed their full investment cycle from acquisition to renovation to lease-up to sale. Below is a chart detailing what those transformations mean to investors in terms of return.

*PAST PERFORMANCE DOES NOT GUARANTY FUTURE RESULTS. **Projects Six and Nine each included two properties, of which one property in each project sold.

For detail on SRH recent transactions, click here.

Stay tuned for next week’s deep dive into the visionary and performer behind our Sponsor’s great success.

Flipping America: Eddie Lorin on Impact Real Estate

Flipping America Show hosted by Roger Blankenship interviews Eddie Lorin on impact real estate and Impact Housing REIT. The show touches on all asset classes, investing strategies, and deal structures. From residential fix and flip, to commercial and industrial to mini-storage and mobile home parks, this show covers it all. The research team combs through mountains of market reports, demographic data, economic indicators, and trend news from a variety of sources so you won’t have to. PLUS, Roger includes how-to information in nearly every show, much of which is delivered as answers to questions.

Roger is a unique and visionary leader with a broad background in corporate and nonprofit leadership and a lifelong history of entrepreneurial ventures. His corporate career gave him a strong background in staff development, cost management, process evaluation and work-flow improvements. His skills in curricular design, strategic planning and vision-casting have allowed him to help many companies develop new approaches and new products. He has a track record for innovation, creativity, flexibility, and a continual process improvement in a wide range of situations. Roger has conducted hundreds of educational seminars and motivational talks all over the United States and around the world.

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Cashflow Ninja w/ M.C. Laubscher Podcast: Eddie Lorin on How To Invest In Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing

Eddie Lorin joins M.C. Laubscher as a guest on Cashflow Ninja w/ M.C. Laubscher Podcast to discuss how he finds success and fulfillment investing in Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing. Cashflow Ninja empowers and inspires people to discover how to generate their own income and manage, grow and protect their own wealth in the new economy. As a lifelong learner and passionate about self-development, financial education, entrepreneurship, podcast host M.C Laubscher interviews successful and inspiring guests that share their knowledge, experience, and journey to help guide you to achieve your goals and help you thrive and prosper in the new economy.

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Michael Blank’s Apartment Building Investing Podcast: Eddie Lorin on Impact Investing and Changing People’s Lives

Eddie Lorin discusses impact investing and changing people’s lives with Michael Blank’s Apartment Building Investing Podcast, Episode 98. In it, Eddie shares his vision for Impact Housing and the critical need for clean, affordable housing for the working class. He explains the concept of impact investing, discussing how he takes care of people ‘where they live’ by way of Class A amenities and on-site programming. Eddie speaks to his expectations for third-party property managers, describing the art and science of building a community. Listen in as Eddie offers the business argument for his model and learn how to do well by doing good.

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Key Takeaways

Eddie’s vision for Impact Housing

  • Changing people’s lives where they live
  • Safe, affordable housing for working class
  • Tenants stay, pay and refer friends

The concept of impact investing

  • Doing business for a purpose
  • Millennials leading paradigm shift
  • Working poor in distressed areas

What’s different about Impact Housing

  • Focus on resident rather than deal
  • Treat tenants with dignity, respect
  • Provide Class A amenities

How Eddie takes care of his residents

  • Signage, pool and fitness center
  • Health, wellness classes
  • Create sense of community

What Eddie requires of third-party property managers

  • Budget set aside for activities, amenities
  • Respond to work orders within 48 hours
  • Build relationships with tenants

The business argument for Eddie’s model

  • Big demand for affordable housing
  • Safe, defensive investment

What Eddie’s looking forward to

  • Deal in Maryland (townhomes)
  • Environmental, social and financial return


Impact Housing REIT, LLC.
A reservation is not an investment. A reservation is non-binding and you will need to confirm your reservation when Impact Housing REIT, LLC offering is live to invest. By making a reservation, you are requesting an allocation in Impact Housing REIT's upcoming offering. A copy of the Preliminary Offering Circular may be obtained here. A reservation is non-binding and you may change the amount at any time. Reservations may be accepted in whole, or in part, or not at all by Impact Housing REIT. If granted, you will be asked to confirm your investment once Impact Housing REIT's offering has been qualified by applicable authorities and the fundraise has officially begun.

Impact Housing REIT, LLC will invest in multifamily properties, income-producing real estate, a market that may produce returns that are different than the returns an investor could expect from other markets, including the stock market. Before our Sponsor receives anything, investors are entitled to a 7% annual return on their investment. Note: There is no guaranty that investors will receive any return on their investment, or get their capital back. In the last 5 years, the Sponsor has completed 28 projects (totaling 40 multifamily properties) which have achieved an average annual cash on cash return of 8.55% and an average project IRR of 24.74%. For more information about the Sponsor’s track record, see the Offering Circular, here. However, Impact Housing REIT, LLC is itself a newly formed company with no historical data of returns, and there is no assurance that it will achieve comparable success. The results that the Sponsor has achieved in the past do not guaranty that it will achieve similar results in the future. Like any investment, there is the potential to lose some or all of your investment. The ability to make distributions will depend on the availability of cash flow each quarter. There is no guarantee that we will be able to make a distribution in any given quarter. For a list of the most significant risks, click here.
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In order to view investment details, you must be logged in. Please create an account or sign into view details.
Under Contract: Maryland
* Highrise with spectacular views
* Twelve Floors, 143 Units
* Built in 1969
* Strong 96% Occupancy
* Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing
* RUBS / Water Conservation Potential
* Purchase Price: $7m to $8m
*Note that this property may or may not ultimately close escrow subject to due diligence and other various factors. Impact Housing REIT cannot guarantee that this specific property will end up being one of the multiple assets owned by the fund.
Target: Colorado Springs
* Mountain views
* Near commercial district
* 64 Units
* Built in 1967
* New roofs recently installed
* Units currently renting below market
* Purchase Price: $5m to $6m
*Note that this property may or may not ultimately close escrow subject to due diligence and other various factors. Impact Housing REIT cannot guarantee that this specific property will end up being one of the multiple assets owned by the fund.
Target: Mesquite, Texas
* Strong submarket: 96% Occupancy
* Located in suburb just outside of Dallas
* Multifamily, 190 Units
* Built in 1959 -1972
* New roofs recently installed
* Renting at 25% - 50% below market
* Purchase Price: $8m to $9m
*Note that this property may or may not ultimately close escrow subject to due diligence and other various factors. Impact Housing REIT cannot guarantee that this specific property will end up being one of the multiple assets owned by the fund.
Impact Housing REIT investments are expected to be spread throughout the United States. The Manager expects Impact Housing REIT’s investment portfolio to consist of direct equity interests in individual properties. The Manager will generally target equity investments ranging from approximately $3 million to $10 million. Note that these properties may or may not ultimately close escrow subject to due diligence and other various factors. Impact Housing REIT cannot guarantee that these specific properties will end up being one of the multiple assets owned by the fund or that investors will receive any return on their investment, or get their capital back. In the last 5 years, the Sponsor has completed 28 projects (totaling 40 multifamily properties) which have achieved an average annual cash on cash return of 8.55% and an average project IRR of 24.74%. Past performance cannot guaranty future results. For information on our Sponsor’s track record, see the Offering Circular, here.